The Whirlpool of Negativity

I have a problem with anxiety.

It doesn’t matter what subject comes up; I will usually find a way to be anxious about it. Those who do suffer or have suffered from anxiety don’t need to be told that it’s debilitating, that it drastically interferes with your quality of life, and that it is a source of no end of frustration.

If you can’t do anything without being anxious about it, how can you do anything at all?

One thing I have discovered that boosts my anxiety meter exponentially is negativity. I don’t know whether it is a cause of anxiety, a manifestation of it, or both, but it certainly doesn’t do me any good. It’s like a monster eating into any hopes of happiness and freedom.

Negativity can, of course, manifest itself in many forms, but the particular one I am talking about right now is negativity about action. I talk myself out of good things. An idea presents itself in a positive light, but immediately the negative voice in me points out why that idea is a bad one, how it will not lead to a good experience, and that I had better not attempt it. And then I’m stuck in the whirlpool of anxiety and negativity.

Until recently.

I have found that recognizing a problem is doing about 50% of the work of resolving that problem, and once I realized what I was doing, I was able to take steps to break the cycle. Now when such a thing happens, I have a plan. I tell that negative voice that my idea seemed like a good one initially and is a good one. Then I carry out the idea, no matter what it is. And the negative voice goes away in the face of that assertion and action.

This is a process I may have to push through a dozen times a day, but it’s helping me to rediscover what I like after years of losing myself. It’s giving me confidence in my own thoughts and decisions, and it’s helping me to take a step closer to being a positive person.

And I know I am not alone in this. We all struggle with some kind of negativity in our lives. Don’t let it rule you. Fight that negative voice with a positive truth and free yourself to be happy.

2 thoughts on “The Whirlpool of Negativity

  1. Wow, good for you!! I definitely struggle with negative voices – mostly about myself. If we have a really rough meltdown or tantrum or something, I tend to blame myself or tell myself how much it sucks. What a quick vortex! I’d like to say I’m getting better at it too, but it’s hard! Like you said, a continual battle! But I’m proud of you. Sounds like you are really taking control! Thank you again – it’s so nice to get this little peek at your life and thoughts! And to be able to share mine too! 🙂 Miss you, my friend!!

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