Creating Our Way Out of Survival

Do you ever feel like you are just surviving each day? So do I.

Do you earnestly wish you knew how to thrive? I do too.

It is so hard to live each day as though we were only trying to get to the end of it, and yet I think very many of us do that. Whether we are just too miserable or too preoccupied or too narrowly focused, we exist by endurance.

But that’s no way to live.

Someone I know loves to talk about creativity, and I wonder if that is what is lacking in so many of our lives. I don’t mean being able to figure out how to make a bookshelf out of some egg cartons and a milk jug, but rather actively producing something–in this case, our lives–instead of simply passively letting things happen.

After all, when we are intentionally creating, we are putting ourselves into our lives. We are making our lives. We are shaping them. When, however, we are just surviving, we aren’t really participating; we are just bystanders.

But how often do we even think of our lives in terms of creativity? I know I usually don’t. I think of cooking in terms of creating and knitting in terms of creating and artwork in terms of creating, but I certainly don’t think of living in that way.

And yet that is what living is.

When we live, and I mean really live, we are creating moments, lots of moments, millions of moments. We are making them look the way we want them to look. Things may happen to us, but we create our responses. Other people may do or say things, but we create our interactions. And time may pass, but we create our use of it.

I feel like this is only scratching the surface of a very large and deep subject, but I think it is enough at least to start me off. I am going to try to create my moments rather than simply existing through them. If my goal is to thrive, not survive, I need to start injecting some creativity into my life.

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