Beginning the Day: My Personal Recipe

Ever since I’ve been a mother, I have struggled with starting the day. If I don’t begin prepared, a potentially good day can become a bad one, and a bad day can become worse.

But the question is, what does it mean to begin prepared? I’ve tried a number of things, and none of them has really worked like I wanted. Failures tell you something about yourself, though, and I have discovered a certain trifecta that combines needs with reality and gets me off to a good start.

The first thing is peace. At the beginning of the day, I need some time that is quiet and that is just for myself. Sometimes this involves simply putting makeup on in the bathroom before my son wakes up, and sometimes this means sitting down with a cup of coffee. Either way, I have learned to snatch the moments of tranquility and squeeze every drop out of them.

And besides peace, I need order. I just cannot handle starting the day feeling personally like a mess. In my mind, if I can’t control myself, I can’t control anything in my life. So every morning I get up early, put on a little makeup, fix my hair, and get dressed. Then, even if my peace is of the mascara-application kind, at least I am mentally ready to meet the chaos.

One more thing that I like to add to the mix is a collection of small joys. I don’t know what that means for you, but for me, it includes a hot cup of coffee (mm, coffee!), an audiobook, and a stopwatch. The coffee warms my soul (figuratively), the audiobook rests my mind, and the stopwatch…well, it’s nice to conquer a little goal right at the start.

Peace, order, and little pleasures. These three make for a morning which helps me to feel energized and ready to start the day. But what about you? What do you need for yourself in order to get your morning off to a good start?

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