Maintaining a Clean House, Part 2: My Evening Cleaning Routine

A few days ago, I shared the cleaning routine I try to follow every morning. Now I want to tell you about my habits in the evening. The two routines go together to make a powerful weapon for attacking the day-to-day mess and dirt, and when I follow through with them, I feel like my house is reasonably clean even when I don’t have a chance to do any deep cleaning.

1. Sweep the kitchen floor.

After the work of the day, especially after making dinner, the kitchen floor needs a little attention. I use either a microfiber cloth, a hand vacuum, or a broom to do some quick and targeted clean up. It takes only a few seconds, but it puts the finishing touch on cleaning up.

2. Wipe the bathroom counters and mirrors.

This step is especially important. If I don’t do this, the dirt and grime accumulate quickly. Keeping the counters and mirrors wiped goes a long way toward maintaining the cleanliness of my home.

3. Tidy the living and dining areas.

I don’t like to go to bed when either room is a mess, so I always make a point to put things away, clean up obvious dirt, and dust away fingerprints. I’d also like to vacuum the carpet on a daily basis because it most certainly could use it, but I don’t get to this step very often.

4. Collect the trash.

Empty trash cans also do much to keep up the cleanliness of the house. Even if the trash can is not full, I like to dump the contents into our bigger kitchen can. There’s something so fresh about being able to see the bottom of the bag that this is a step I don’t want to skip.

And this is all I do. As I said before, it doesn’t happen every day, but on the days on which I do it, my house looks better, cleaner, and fresher. It takes a little bit of effort, but it is still quick and easy. Besides, the results are exponentially greater than any amount of work I put in.

If you like this post, check out my morning routine here.

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