Adding Deep Cleaning Tasks to Your Cleaning Schedule

Last week, we talked about making a cleaning schedule to handle your weekly tasks. However, if you want a truly clean house, you will need to add deep cleaning to your list of chores. This can seem daunting when it is viewed as a nebulous cloud of labor, but we can break it down to make it concrete and manageable.

Here is what I do:

1. Make a list of what needs to be done.

As before, I write down every task I can think of. This might also be a good time to do a bit of googling and searching on Pinterest for ideas as to what other people include on their deep cleaning lists. Compile a list of everything you want to do to your house, and don’t worry about how long it is. We’ll work with the length to make sure your chores are manageable.

2. Group your tasks.

Go through your list now and group the tasks that go together. For example, cleaning the window tracks and wiping down the blinds are fitting to do at the same time, as are washing blankets and rugs. You’ll probably have some oddballs, but that’s okay. Put them in a group by themselves.

3. Decide how much you want to do in a month.

Look at your list again, especially at your grouped chores. Ask yourself how many of the tasks you can reasonably fit into a month. Remember you are going to be doing these on top of your weekly cleaning, so be realistic. Begin dividing your list into chunks, each chunk standing for a month. You can have as many or as few chunks as you want. I just recommend you don’t go over 12 so that you fit all your deep cleaning into a single year.

4. Set up your rotation.

After you have formed your monthly lists, decide the order you want to do them in. This part is fairly easy. Just base it on your personal preference. Keep in mind that the months will rotate; so let’s say you have four months’ worth of chores and you start your deep cleaning in January. You will complete all four months by the end of April, and in May you will start on month 1 again.

5. Divide each month’s chores into weeks.

You have two options here. You can do this right now so you have a set plan for each week, or you can decide at the beginning of each month. The beauty of the latter plan is that it allows you to customize your chore load based on your schedule, but sometimes people prefer not to have to think about what they will do each month. Choose whatever suits you.

Whether you do it now or at the beginning of the month, though, make sure you plan out when you will get each task done. This is the surest way of completing your list. If you don’t, you’ll likely get to the end of the month without doing anything and have to cram everything into the final week. No fun.

And with these five steps you have added your deep cleaning to your schedule. It is satisfying to do it this way because your house will always be clean. It also knocks out the grueling labor of spring and fall cleaning while keeping your home ever fresh. If you like a clean house–and I mean a really clean house–try these steps and make deep cleaning part of your routine.

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