How I Make My Home My Haven

I have always been a homebody and a hot house plant; I love to be at home and inside. But from time to time, I do grow restless and become discontented with my surroundings.

Through this circumstance, I have learned what is necessary to make home feel like a place of peace and rest. I have come to realize that there are certain rules that I must follow if I want my home to be a haven. In fact, if I follow them, my home feels cozy and tranquil, but if I let things slip, I grow anxious and my thoughts and emotions become somewhat chaotic.

It doesn’t take much to keep things pleasant. These are the five main rules I have put in place:

1. Decorate with warm colors

This is, of course, a personal preference. I feel cozier and more peaceful when the colors of the decor are somewhat dark and warm. My living room features browns, tans, and burgundies, for example, while my bedroom is burgundy and gold.

2. Keep clutter to a minimum.

This is a must. I can’t stand clutter. It drives away peace and tranquility, and it makes everything feel disordered. They say that clutter attracts clutter, and I find that in a strange way, this is true of my surroundings and my mind. If the room I am in is cluttered, my thoughts begin to feel cluttered. If the room is free of extra “stuff,” I can think more clearly.

3. Keep my house clean and organized.

This is closely related to the previous rule. I love cleanliness and order, and when I perceive them in my surroundings, I am able to relax. If the contrary conditions exist, I feel uptight.

4. Have special “me spots.”

I have two. One is my dresser, and one is my desk. These two places I preserve for just the things I want to put there, and I try to make them as much “me” as possible so that I am especially drawn to them. My dresser, for example, contains my special jewelry box, pictures of people I love, and a treasured statue of Mary from my First Communion. My desk has my computer, my favorite pens, and a very pretty lamp. And I always keep it ready with a coaster to receive my beloved cup of coffee. 🙂 They are both warm and welcoming spots which draw me to them.

5. Surround myself with things I love.

I love beautiful things. With every item I buy, I try to pay attention both to function and to appearance. If I have something that works well, good; but if I have something that is aesthetically appealing and works well, great! I have found that it really adds to my comfort in my home if I love both the looks and the performance of everything I own.

These are the things which work to keep me contented and happy in my home. They are simple rules, but they make a world of difference. If you find yourself having a hard time being home, try to analyze your feelings and see what it is about your house that prevents your being peaceful. With just a few changes, you may be able to create your haven as well.

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