40 Self-Care Ideas for a Whole and Happy You

We’ve talked about self-care in the past and how important it is for everyone to practice.

We’ve discussed what self-care is and is not.

But now perhaps it’s a good time to look at a few concrete examples for the practice of self-care.

I have divided these ideas into four groups based on the different aspects of each of us: mind, body, spirit, and relationships. Each aspect requires looking after if we want to be whole, happy human beings.

So we cannot perform self-care in just one category and reap all the benefits. This is why pampering is not the whole of self-care. We must do something from each category in order to develop ourselves and be the best we can be.

Below are 40 ideas, 10 in each category, to help us to reach this goal.


  1. Read
  2. Engage in fulfilling work
  3. Listen to music
  4. Give yourself a break from technology
  5. Journal
  6. Learn about your needs
  7. Practice being quiet
  8. Study
  9. Practice positive thinking
  10. Come to grips with your past


  1. Get at least eight hours of sleep
  2. Make a green smoothie
  3. Take care of your appearance
  4. Exercise
  5. Take your medications
  6. Reconcile yourself to your body image
  7. Balance the healthy and unhealthy food that you eat
  8. Give your body relaxing time
  9. Go outside
  10. Clean and organize your space


  1. Set aside time to pray.
  2. Figure out what you believe and why you believe it
  3. Read a spiritual book
  4. Meditate
  5. Forgive others
  6. Go to public worship
  7. Practice kindness
  8. Commit to a regular spiritual practice
  9. Figure out your greatest fault and work on curing it
  10. Practice self-denial


  1. Do not overcommit yourself
  2. Free yourself from toxic relationships
  3. Set boundaries
  4. Get to understand each member of your family
  5. Work on being a spouse instead of only a parent
  6. Spend time one-on-one with a friend
  7. Send a text to a loved one “just because”
  8. Call your grandmother
  9. Write a note or a letter
  10. Put away your phone when you are playing with your children

Some of these ideas might seem odd choices for suggestions as to self-care. However, remember that self-care is about helping ourselves to be the best we can be.

That is why denying yourself is self-care; self-control is a healthy practice to cultivate. That is why calling your grandmother is self-care; fostering relationships means a more fulfilled and therefore more complete you. That is why studying is self-care; feeding the mind is as important as feeding the body.

The key is to remember how important you are in yourself. Don’t exaggerate it, but respect yourself. Treat yourself as you deserve.

Practice self-care and make yourself into a whole, happy being.

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