What to Do When Pursuing Your Dreams Seems Too Hard

I’ve lately been struggling with my dreams.

I have visions and plans that I want to achieve, but achieving them seems impossible.

And yet is giving up the best option?

Something inside me says no.

Even though it would be far easier just to surrender, if I did surrender, what would I be left with? Just the tattered remnants of my attempts, a defeatist attitude, and the knowledge that I’ve chosen to place what I wanted out of my reach.

So giving up is not the ideal choice.

And yet, what do you do? What do you do when you are so tired of trying and no good comes of your attempts?

I’ve thought about it, and I’m going to relate here the steps I am taking myself. Maybe if you are in my position, we can do this together. It will take courage and effort, but I want to get to the other side.

1. Stop what you are doing.

Take a breath. Get out of your mind. Stop driving yourself into the pit.

We are often our own worst enemies when it comes to our dreams. We imagine something should be a certain way, we get down on ourselves that it isn’t that way, we get discouraged and depressed because we can’t achieve our dreams, and then we give up.

Stop that process right now.

2. Evaluate your attitude and expectations.

Maybe you are discouraged because you are wanting results too soon.

Or maybe you are trying to be in control of something you can’t control.

Or maybe you are too focused on the end instead of enjoying the process.

And yet achieving our dreams is a process, and if we can’t throw ourselves into every step, we are only going to end up frustrated that we haven’t gotten to the last step yet.

3. Redefine your dream.

Start over.

With your new expectations, ask yourself exactly what is it you want to achieve.

If you could have anything you want, what would it be?

4. List the reasons why you want your dream.

Now, after having defined your dream, remind yourself why it is important to you. Will it give you more money? Will it make your life easier? Will it help you to be more fulfilled?

There are so many reasons you could have for desiring what you want. Just make sure you know what they are.

5. Set up a new action plan.

You have to have a plan for achieving your dreams. You cannot expect them just to happen.

Obviously, your old plan wasn’t working for you. It’s time to come up with a new one.

Break down your journey into steps. If you don’t know all the steps yet, that’s okay. But write down the steps you know you can take. You’ll come up with the rest as you go.

Remember, however, that these steps need to be made in the light of your new attitude. Maintaining the old, harmful one won’t get you anywhere. Keep you attitude patient and positive, and you will do much better.

6. Focus only on the next step.

Don’t worry about all the steps that lie before you. You can only do one step at a time anyway, so throw yourself into achieving that step.

Forget all the rest of them exist, because they don’t matter right now. Only the first step matters.

Then, after you achieve the first step to your satisfaction, move onto the next step. Treat it the same way. Make it your end and your object.

And remember, try to enjoy each step you take.

In Conclusion

Our dreams are not unattainable just because we are discouraged and tired of trying. They are still there, but we need to make changes within ourselves in order to achieve them.

If we reevaluate our attempts and try to reset them, we will not only be more likely to succeed, but we will be much happier.

And you know what? If we don’t succeed for some reason, we will still not miss out because we will have found fulfillment in the journey.

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