Some Upcoming Blog Changes

You may have noticed that the title of the blog has changed. Over the past months, I have gradually begun to redefine my niche from lifestyle to happiness/personal development/mental health. That is why The Project Happiness Blog seemed like a better title than Mostly Michelle. It will take a few days, but the site address … Continue reading Some Upcoming Blog Changes

Mindfulness: Doing One Thing at a Time

These days mindfulness, like minimalism, is a trendy topic. It fits right in with the ideas of intentional living and of limiting oneself to those things that either bring joy or are necessary. In fact, it is even in accord with the popular idea of decluttering. But what is mindfulness itself? It is bringing our … Continue reading Mindfulness: Doing One Thing at a Time

Adding Deep Cleaning Tasks to Your Cleaning Schedule

Last week, we talked about making a cleaning schedule to handle your weekly tasks. However, if you want a truly clean house, you will need to add deep cleaning to your list of chores. This can seem daunting when it is viewed as a nebulous cloud of labor, but we can break it down to … Continue reading Adding Deep Cleaning Tasks to Your Cleaning Schedule

Parenting with Depression: 7 Tips

Depression is difficult, and parenting is difficult. Throw the two together, and you have yourself a monumental struggle. When you parent with depression, you are torn between two facts: 1) the love you have for your child, and 2) the overwhelming sadness and exhaustion that you carry every day. In consequence, your days are filled … Continue reading Parenting with Depression: 7 Tips